"The best digital agency I have ever worked with, hands down."
Steve Brucker

Growth - minded Marketing for 
Small Business

We polish your digital presence, craft the strategy, and execute to bring you inbound leads 

We focus on Marketing 101, to meet you where you're at.

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Power22Marketing is an entrepreneurial-minded marketing agency that strictly serves small business owners. We exist because too many agencies sell marketing services that are too expensive and grandiose for the financially conservative and experienced small business owner.

At Power22, we think you want to get a marketing strategy in place, but also recognize that marketing might be a "nice to have" rather than a "must have". We get that, but also know that you value strategies that generate revenue consistently over the long run.

We simply want to turn the open web into your best and most reliable source of new business. We don't do fancy; we do real business.

Generate High Quality Leads Ready To Buy. 
Googles #1 Source of Organic Leads. 
The Best Source Of B2B Leads For Your Business. 
The Best Source Of B2C Leads For Your Business. 

Inbound Lead Generation Client Case Study

A US-based supply chain solutions company was preparing to launch a new software product and was in dire need of business sales leads. However, their internal sales team was not large enough to handle the time-consuming tasks of finding and qualifying potential customers. Despite the steady success they get from their outbound marketing efforts, they weren’t generating enough new business leads to feed the internal sales team. The company decided that it was time to incorporate inbound lead generation into the marketing mix.

Power22Maketing, responded to the quickly approaching launch deadline, by designing and implementing an inbound lead generation strategy for the client, utilizing LinkedIn. The lead generation strategy was a success. The company was able to increase the volume of leads that are handed off to sales which translated into more sales.

Walk Before you RUN

Grab the low hanging fruit before you go all in on marketing

The #1 mistake small businesses make when marketing is
“picking complex strategies that only succeed over the long run”
Power22Marketing believes that a big, expensive, and fancy marketing campaign is the exact opposite of what a business owner needs. Instead, start small, make traction, start winning a handful of new customers each month. That's the goal.

"Marketing has been a thorn in 
my side for years. I knew I 
needed a better site and a 
formal digital strategy, but 
was afraid of marketing 
budgets and going months 
without ROI. Power22 was 
practical, profit-focused, and 
spoke my language." 

 - Steve Brucker, Financial Services

Is it time for you to start Marketing?

Can you easily define your ideal customer?

If you sell to other businesses, then our methodology and direct outbound sales are a cost efficient way to find new customers. 

Do you have a large enough target market?

You have a large number of potential customers who you can sell to. You are not limited to niche regions or industries.

Are your clients' lifetime value greater than $5,000

Your average customer generates at least $5,000 in revenue. This gives you large enough profit margins when doing outbound sales.

Responsible & Logical Marketing. Strictly for Small Business.

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